Turkish Fats and Oils Association (YABITED) was officially founded in Adana in 2010 by the paticipation of a group of people from Universities, Govermental Institutions and Private Sectors. The main aims of YABITED are as follows:

  • Bringing people from industry, universities, institutues and govermental site together in a scientific platform
  • Working for the solutions of current problems in Fats and Oils and informing of the society about the developments
  • Supporting researches on Fats and Oils and orginizing scientific meetings
  • Making contribution to keep the quality of fats and oils products

After the first general assembly, the Association decided to Join to Euro Fed Lipid as an Instutional Member. After the application, YABITED became a member of Euro Fed Lipid in 2010.

The first national congress was then organised in Adana in 2012, followed by second, third and fourth ones in Izmir (2015), Tekirdag (2017) and Istanbul (2019). An international congress (11th Euro Fed Lipid Congress) was also organized by YABITED and Euro Fed Lipid in Antalya in 2013.

Now, we have been organizing a new international congress in the most beautiful city of the World, Antalya, between 7-9 November, 2024. We are sure that the scientific committee will prepare a unique lecture programme consisting of every aspects of lipids. The participants will also have chance to attend to the social programme that will reflect different sides of Turkish cultures and the city of Antalya.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the 5th YABITED Fats and Oils Congress.

Aziz Tekin